WW2 Drama Atlantic Wall Casts Bradley Cooper

Atlantic Wall looks to bring on board actors with gravitas and experience. All to help tell an emotional story in a tough setting. So they couldn't do much better than securing the services of American Sniper's own Bradley Cooper. That is exactly what they have done, casting the diverse 41-year old to tell a remarkable World War II story.

To push production along further, Gavin O'Connor has been awarded the director's chair for the motion picture. O'Connor is fresh from working with Ben Affleck for the 2016 thriller The Accountant, as he transitions from one Hollywood superstar to the next.

Nazi Fortification A Frightening Reminder Of Brutal Conflict

Atlantic Wall

The Atlantic Wall was developed by the Nazi army as a means of coastal defense. Utilizing bunkers while spreading their soldiers along the barricades to shoot down their enemies. All in hopes of never being breached. Scribe Zach Dean has been hired to write the script. To pump the credentials, Todd Phillips has come aboard as an executive producer. And, just in case you were wondering, this title should not be confused by the 1970 comedy feature of the same name.

Cooper will be the main focus of the flick, playing a lone American paratrooper. The soldier finds himself stranded by his post and left to survive behind enemy lines prior to D-Day. Cooper's character will be critical to the outcome of the war, as his intelligence will not only help to bring down Germany's occupation, but protect the young son of a murdered ally.

Far From A One Trick Poney

Bradley Cooper Atlantic Wall

Still maintaining his comedic edge, Bradley Cooper has changed from that brat with charm we saw in Wedding Crashers to something completely different. Making his directorial debut in the upcoming musical A Star Is Born, the award winning performer is able to switch his persona at the drop of a hat. A sign of a quality actor who knows his craft.

Pairing up with Jennifer Lawrence on multiple occasions from Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Joy and Serena, Cooper demonstrates that he hasn't lost his sense of humor. He continues his voiceover work via Guardians of the Galaxy, while providing an eccentric character in War Dogs. Putting aside the disaster that was 2015's Aloha, he has barely put a foot wrong to date.

Source: THR