Winter Soldier Links Up With Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum For New Heist Flick

Sebastian Stan is taking his new found fame via Captain America: The Winter Soldier and running with it. The Marvel star joins a number of other A-listers for the upcoming production Logan Lucky. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stan will partner up with 007's Daniel Craig, heartthrob Channing Tatum, Academy Award winner Hilary Swank, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, Adam Driver from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Katherine Heigl.

The Steven Soderbergh picture is already shooting scenes in Atlanta. Logan Lucky tells the story of two brothers plotting a heist set during a NASCAR race. Stan will play a three-time Sprint Cup Champion, providing the actor another opportunity to shine amid a quality cast of fellow actors.

Civil War Fallout and Speculation Continues

Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan

This year's epic Marvel blockbuster installment was a box office smash hit and popular with the critics to boot. Captain America: Civil War was a huge success in part to Stan's Winter Soldier character with the film surpassing the $1b mark. Yet the fallout of the movie continues to be a major talking point amongst fans of the franchise, with Chris Evans' Steve Rogers/Captain America facing something of an identity crisis as he walks away from the Avengers.

Captain America: Civil War

Director Joe Russo opened up about the events of Civil War and what it all means for the central character. Speaking with the Huffington Post he explained, "I think him dropping that shield is him letting go of that identity. [It's] him admitting that certainly the identity of Captain America was in conflict with the very personal choice that he was making."

Another Rare Chance For NASCAR To Make The Movies

Talladega Nights

A NASCAR heist film is a bold choice, mashing two different genres to formulate a unique outcome. But Soderbergh virtually has an open canvas on which to work with because the history of the sport on the big screen has been few and far between over the years.

Going back to Greased Lightning in 1977, Stroker Ace in 1983, Tom Cruise's Days of Thunder in 1990 and the most recent comedy Talladega Nights in 2006 are the only incarnations of NASCAR to date. Heist films come far more frequently, yet the NASCAR element will provide a stark point of difference for Logan Lucky.

What do you think? With this sort of ensemble, will this be one heist film worth a theatrical visit?