Will Smith Secures A New Co-Star For Bright In Edgar Ramirez

As the shooting in Los Angeles gets underway with the cast and crew hard at work, THR reports that Edgar Ramirez will be part of the team for the Netflix production Bright. With director David Ayers taking the reigns of the picture alongside young screenwriter Max Landis (who has just agreed to direct a reboot of An American Werewolf In London), the 39-year old actor will link up with a host of big names from the industry.

Ayer's CV is quite vast and impressive, giving the streaming service the confidence to award the picture the green light. From the 2001 critically acclaimed and award winning drama Training Day to End of Watch and Fury, Ayers has a background in delivering quality action flicks that build tension for the audience.

Bright Talents For The Fantasy Tale

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton

Joining Ramirez for the film will be Australian Joel Edgerton from The Gift, Black Mass and Warrior. While Will Smith was the biggest of names secured after playing Deadshot in DC's Suicide Squad, a movie that Ayers also directed. Bright will offer Noomi Rapace an opportunity to extend her transition from her Swedish roots to make another mark in Hollywood. Especially when following on from her incredible performance in the Millennium series starting with the 2009 original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Telling the story of an orc and cop on the run from the law to protect a magical wand sounds like the stuff of fantasy. We will remain curious to see how Ayers transitions from the real world to this universe. Not that Suicide Squad was based in the real world, or any world that made sense, if we're being honest.

Ramirez A Quiet Achiever In Hollywood Circles


From Hands of Stone to Joy, the reboot of Point Break, The Girl on the Train, Zero Dark Thirty and Wrath of the Titans - Edgar Ramirez has quietly gone about his business to establish himself as an unheralded performer. Coming onto the scene from a multicultural heritage, he has secured himself in the industry as either a capable cameo player or a headline act.

Next to Smith, Edgerton and Rapace, Ramirez will only further solidify a position among the heavy hitters in film. But playing an elf named Kandomere who forms part of the FBI’s magic division will be something entirely unique to the actor this time around.

Photo Credit: Kurt Iswarienko