Will Ferrell Teaming Up With Jason Momoa For Father-Son Comedy

Will Ferrell signing onto a comedy barely registers as news. But doing it alongside Jason Momoa is something else altogether. According to Deadline this week, the pair are set to feature in a new movie from Universal Pictures. Although there is yet to be an official title for the project.

Jarrad Paul and Andy Mogel are developing the screenplay alongside Nick Stoller and Gary Sanchez. Who have both signed on to produce. The film is believed to be a mixture of Ocean's Eleven and Galaxy Quest, where Ferrell is a returning television star whose son (Momoa) has become a global star.

Signs Point To Wild and Wacky Comedy

The D Train

For those wishing for a thoughtful, grounded title from Paramount featuring Ferrell and Momoa, then you might be disappointed. The history from the likes of Paul, Mogel, Stoller and Sanchez suggests that the boundaries will be pushed. All while they play around with the subject material.

The Paul and Mogel team brought us the 2015 black comedy The D Train starring Jack Black and James Marsden. Receiving a mixed reception by moviegoers and critics, the $3m small budget comedy bombed spectacularly at the box office. Going on to only score a mere $771,317. Sigh.

Paul would also have cameo appearances himself, including stints in Liar Liar, 40 Days and 40 Nights, as well as a couple of Ferrell pictures via Kicking & Screaming and the reboot of Bewitched. He would link up with Mogel for 2015's Fox sitcom The Grinder with Rob Lowe and Fred Savage before it was canceled after one season on air.

Stoller on the other hand has a similar background, directing Storks and the Seth Rogen comedy Neighbors. He followed this up with co-writing his NBC creation The Carmichael Show while his producing offsider Sanchez has been developing The House, a Warner Brothers title that will open on June 30.

Momoa Breaking Out of Action Scene With Ferrell Romp

The 37-year old Hawaiian is in an ideal position to try his hand in the comedy realm. Establishing himself as a leading action hero with DC's Aquaman, fronting the video game adaptation Just Cause and being the front runner for the reboot of The Crow, there is little else for him to prove in this genre.

Add to his list of other hits including Conan the Barbarian, Bullet to the Head, Wolves, the Netflix series Frontier and the upcoming thriller The Bad Batch with Keanu Reeves, and a comedy seems the next logical step. He has dabbled before courtesy of two episode on Drunk History, but this is a completely different challenge.

Source: Deadline