Tom Holland Wants Jason Momoa To Play Spider-Man Villain Kraven the Hunter

Fronting his first ever superhero movie as the lead of the show, Tom Holland is geared up to take his acting chops to the next level. Starring in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Englishman told MTV this week that he is experiencing a number of firsts much like everyone else external to the process.

"I'm as excited as the fans are," started Holland. "I saw this first time with the fans. I'm breaking it down just as much as they are. The beauty of these movies, now that CGI is so good, we can change so much once we finished shooting the movie. So there are some things that I didn't even know about. But I'm really proud of this project. Everyone worked so hard and I think we really pulled it off. So I'm just excited for the fans to see."

Third Reboot Gives Tom Perspective To Learn From

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Scene

Having been in production since the back end of 2016, Holland would be better placed than most to know what will be in store for the feature. So is there one scene that he is looking forward to watching on the big screen more than any other?

"That's a good question," he pondered. "There are scenes that I can't wait to see but I don't want audiences to know that they are scenes. You've only seen the tip of the iceberg... There's a really great scene with Marisa Tomei in a Thai restaurant, which is really fun cause we just had a lot of fun shooting it. There's a great scene with Donald Glover. There's loads of cool stuff you're going to see and it's going to be loads of fun."

Following on from Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, are there any key lessons he can take from their time in the blue and red suit?

"I think I'm in a lucky position because I have 5 great movies that I can take things from," he said, "and thousands of comic books that I can take things from that haven't even been touched on yet. My benefit is that I'm a lot younger and we can build a character that is grounded in high school. A lot of this movie takes place in high school. Watching a kid balance and struggle chemistry homework and fighting a flying monster. So for me it wasn't so difficult to try and find the differences in this character. It's a massively different approach to the franchise."

Momoa The Man For Holland

Jason Momoa Aquaman Kraven Hunter

Although he is firmly over in the DC camp, Holland believes that Jason Momoa would be the ideal candidate for one of his villains he loves from the comics. It is not yet known if Kraven the Hunter will be a newcomer for Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, but either way Holland wants him in.

"You know what? Kraven is one of my favourites for a cameo. I always wanted Aquaman to play Kraven, but he's now DC. I thought that would be super cool."

Source: MTV