Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Receives Vintage 80s Treatment

The folks at Nerdist have given Thor: Ragnarok the vintage treatment, putting the trailer through a classical 1980s filter. Complete with a logo that gives off Master of the Universe vibes and a synthesizer score to boot, this short offers a window for what the blockbuster would have looked life if it was released 30 years ago.

What makes this trailer cool is that Kiwi filmmaker Taika Waititi has wanted to imitate science-fiction titles from the 70s and 80s for the MCU installment. The director has said that the movie will be a major departure from what has gone before, but not quite how Nerdist have made it.

Prior to the November 17 premiere, check out the rebooted 80s trailer below.

Brie Larson Joins Atlanta Shoot For... Avengers 4?

Putting two and two together, it is not hard to reach the conclusion that Brie Larson will be part of Avengers 4. The twitter handle @AtlantaFilming sent out a couple of posts this week, explaining that the actress has been spotted in the city at the same time as Captain America star Chris Evans.

It could be just a coincidence with Larson in the State of Georgia filming another project, but with word around town that the MCU sequel is shooting back-to-back features, this could very well be the debut for Larson to play Captain Marvel. What muddles the picture somewhat is that her standalone installment has not started production yet ahead of a March 2019 release.

Perhaps there is the chance that Captain Marvel has some overlap with Avengers 4 or Larson is geared towards a cameo or supporting appearance? Marvel have a lot of moving parts happening at once, with Peyton Reed's sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp underway in San Francisco.

Diesel to Die? Vin Posts Ominous Groot Image Ahead of Infinity War

Have a Groot weekend...

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Cryptic Instagram posts do not come much better than this. Vin Diesel took to his social media page and posted a new poster of his character Groot to promote Avengers: Infinity War which included the tagline: "Heroes will fall."

It must be said that this is not an official product of Marvel or the MCU, with the actor reposting the artistry from Deviant Art. It does lend itself to some theories on the blockbuster though, with one or more key characters likely to fall to the giant hand of Thanos when he arrives on the scene.

Phase 4 will change the Marvel game forever. Whether Groot be around for it remains to be seen.

Source: Nerdist, Cinemablend