The Strangers 2 is Happening but Can it Live up to the original?

Another horror sequel is in the works. After nearly a decade of development issues, a Strangers sequel has been given the green light.

It seems that any time a film is even a modest success, there is a possibility for a sequel. Which is exactly why a follow up to 2008's The Strangers has been an ongoing discussion since its release. The franchise has a new director, Johannes Roberts, and a script by the original film's scribe, Ben Ketai. Rather than three mysteriously masked killers taunting a young couple on the verge of a break-up, the new film will center around a family in a mobile home park.  After a long road trip, the family stops in a secluded park. But trouble looms when the electricity goes out. Three psychopaths, who will be familiar to audiences, show up to wreak havoc on the family.

Strangers Sequel in Development

Liv Tyler in The Strangers

The first film was made with a budget of only $9 million and ended up earning over $82 million. As with many horror films, the low budget allowed for easy box-office success. While there is the promise of three masked lunatics returning for the sequel, it may shed light on whether Liv Tyler's character, Kristen, actually died from the horrific events from the first film.

The final moments of the first film include two young boys stumbling upon the gory aftermath. Only to be grabbed by the only potential survivor. However, this may be asking a lot from the sequel. Especially considering the delayed follow-up.

While there has been countless horror sequels to hit theaters in recent years including The Conjuring 2, Insidious 2 and Sinister 2, there is no guarantee The Strangers sequel will be getting a theatrical release. Hopefully the film will escape the fate of follow ups to Vacancy and Joyride. Two films that were given a direct-to-video release.

Those sequels however were hastily written and starred unknown actors. An example of the studios clearly trying to cash in on the success of their predecessors. There is a reason The Strangers 2 was not rushed into production. One of those reasons being the desire to keep the name untarnished. With so little information, including the yet to be announced cast, audiences can only hope to once again be terrified by the masked, menacing trio whose only motivation is someone being home.