Star Wars: The Last Jedi Splits Fans as Audience Score Tanks

Has a modern movie divided fans and critics more than Star Wars: The Last Jedi? This is the question many have been left asking themselves after the opening reaction appeared to be nothing more than a swarm of positivity from the scribes.

Considered a masterpiece in many quarters for director Rian Johnson's ability to balance the story with special effects, the 2017 Disney blockbuster took that momentum to run beyond a $100m box office opening. Yet take one look at social media or the 57% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes and all of a sudden the picture has an entirely different complexion.

The Lovers and Defenders

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Those who agreed with the critics take having thoroughly enjoyed the experience would not only put that across, but wanted to put the haters in their place. Once the acclaim stopped being universal, it was obvious that the lovers of the film were agitated that a derision was beginning to spread among large portions of the public.

@AlterEgon75: "I feel more passionately about this than anything I’ve felt in a long time: anyone who says #LastJedi is a bad movie is an idiot. You have no idea what you are talking about."

@jbearpagee: "People sure seem to be hating on #LastJedi on Twitter. Just left a theatre that erupted into applauds probably 10 times throughout. Fantastic movie. F*** the haters."

@ItsMegNotMegan: "All jokes aside, the hate on the #LastJedi is blowing my mind. I love the original films and the franchise and I LOVED The Last Jedi. To me, one of the BEST movies I’ve EVER seen - I felt like a child again. It was great. Why hate on change? All haters can stop tweeting now."

@Blockbustedpod: "The #LastJedi hashtag on Twitter right now is cancer. This is the boldest and most uniquely creative Star Wars movie in years, and naturally, lots of people are going to be disgusted with it."

@Rydog: "Oh wow, the #LastJedi hashtag is total nonsense. People saying it's bad, worse than Phantom Menace, etc. They need to have their heads checked."

The Haters and Deriders

Star Wars The Last Jedi

With few fans able to settle for any type of middle ground, the dissenters wanted to make it known that the 2017 edition ranks as low as any of the titles in the franchise. One user even went as far to post an image of them burning a beloved shirt from the series, an act of outrage if there ever was one.

@LyleThe2nd: "#LastJedi is the worst Star Wars movie. I actually caught myself hoping that Jar Jar Binks would come and save it."

@PhilosojoeyYT: "Spoiler free synopsis of #LastJedi. Write down a bunch of math questions and give them to your math teacher. Your math teacher will then crumple up the paper without any explanation and then talk to you about a sweet deal at Burger King."

@MedwaysNo1: "So, here's the thing, without any spoilers, I was massively disappointed by star wars the last jedi. Feel like those reviewing it strongly either fell asleep or watched a different film. I'm devastated. #LastJedi #NotGood #2Stars."

@NajarHollaaa: "Ready for a super unpopular opinion? From a lifelong Star Wars fan? The Last Jedi was.........garbage and I can't wait to rant about this movie and how it broke my heart. Disney you heartless bastards what have you done give George Lucas this franchise back #LastJedi."

@Eggie79: "I didn't think it was possible to make a Star Wars movie worst than The Phantom Menace but somehow, Disney found a way. #LastJedi."

What did you make of Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Did it live up to expectations?

Source: MovieWeb