Rush Hour 4 Sourcing New Writers In Pre-Production Phase

Rush Hour is a franchise that has brought in the dollars but left many moviegoers and critics tired of the same slapstick jokes and stereotypes. Despite this fact, Brett Ratner revealed that a fourth movie is in the works at the Sun Valley Film Festival while also deriding audiences for sourcing Rotten Tomatoes.

The original 1998 title with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker was something of a sleeper to be produced at $33m before going on to rake home $244.4m at the box office. Fast forward 19 years and with two sequels and television series that has lasted all but one season, somehow Ratner believes in his wisdom that we want to see Chan (62) and Tucker (44) go at it again as Detective James Carter and Chief Inspector Lee 10 years after Rush Hour 3.

"I think it will happen; we're talking to writers," he remarked. "We could call it Grumpy Old Rush Hour."

JC Still King In His Native Land

Jackie Chan in Kung Fu Yoga

While his infamy has waned in the West since bursting onto the scene in the 1980s and 90s as a loveable but deadly martial artist, Jackie Chan has kept himself busy in Asia with a string of new movies. One of which is 2017's Kung Fu Yoga, performing alongside 25-year old Chinese pop star Yixing Zhang.

Also going by his stage persona Lay, the film novice told Soompi that the pressure to execute the stunts next to an icon of the craft was a daunting prospect.

“I couldn’t even dream of making a mistake when I was filming with Jackie Chan," the EXO singer said. "There were always some small injuries while filming.”

Jackie and Jet Team Up For New Indonesian Adventure

Jackie Chan and Jet Li

Joining forces in the Chinese 2008 hit The Forbidden Kingdom, martial art icons Chan and Jet Li are said to be reuniting for a new feature based in Indonesia Pamanca the Movie. A spokesperson from production Andi Iwan outlined that executive producer Muhammad Basir is himself a martial artist who will be overseeing the stunts and choreography.

“They often practice together in Singapore or China,” he said. "They are very happy to participate, especially since the film highlights cultural themes."

The epic historical film is to be set in the 1800s when a vintage form of the discipline South Sulawesi was practiced and while the inclusion of these major performers is big news, Li and Chan are only expected to contribute supporting parts.

Source: MovieWeb, The Jakarta Post, Soompi