The Revenant Gets 8-Bit Treatment

Considering that I absolutely adored The Revenant and have always been a fan of the old school Nintendo, I am thrilled to see the two come together for an 8-Bit treatment. Whether it's the visuals, or the MIDI musical score, there is a lot to like in Cinefix's interpretation of the film.

The Revenant 8-Bit

The Revenant as a Nintendo Game

Confession time: I had the Nintendo emulator on my PSP and I absolutely loved it for road trips. It was the only reason I kept that PSP, as it pretty much sucked otherwise. But I digress. If you have yet to see The Revenant and you don't want plot details, don't watch the video below. When you have a recreation of an entire film, it's obviously going to contain spoilers. But that doesn't mean the condensed storytelling captures everything.

The video does a good job showcasing most of the important plot points, but does ignore some elements. One being Hugh Glass's (Leonardo DiCaprio) Indian buddy who meets a troubling end. It does however include the rape rescue -- "You rescued Powaqa" -- which is important for the story's conclusion. But then it leaves out the incredible horse-cliff jump that aids in Glass's escape. I guess I'm just splitting hairs, as the video was sure to include the film's most important scene -- the bear fight.


What do you think? Anything else you wish was included?