Watch Matt Damon Impersonate Tom Brady on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It is the great inside joke that continues to play out on American television. As Matt Damon managed to get himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live! following the Super Bowl victory of his beloved New England Patriots. Taking out the game over the Atlanta Falcons in overtime, the Hollywood icon decided to impersonate MVP quarterback Tom Brady under a helmet. All to get onto the program before the jig was up.

The "feud" has dated back for many years on the late night ABC talk show. Referring to multiple times when the host would explain that they just ran out of time for Damon to sit in one of the guests chairs. From moments of intervention to parody songs with Sarah Silverman and Ben Affleck, the pair have been trading public barbs ever since. And this time Damon wanted to gloat the Patriots win in the funniest way possible.

Great Wall Damon's Greatest Achievement According To The Man Himself

Despite lukewarm reviews that overshadowed the epic The Great Wall, Damon has argued that the sheer scale and scope of the picture is the biggest project he has even taken part. An impressive statement, when you factor his entire career.

Opening on February 17, 2017, the actor outlined that it was a huge learning experience. As the production overcame a number of challenges along the way.

"I think one of the really interesting things is, like Zhang Yimou (director) said earlier, we had over 100 translators," stated Damon. "It was the biggest movie that I've ever been a part of. It was just massive. But despite the fact that we didn't all speak the same language, everybody there had spent their lives making movies and we had that language in common and it was really cool to see how much we actually could speak through the work that we were doing together. That was really cool."

Matt Hoping For A Productive Damon-Donald Relationship

Attending the World Economic Forum in Switzerland prior to the release of The Great Wall, Damon explained that he and the organization are hopeful of a productive working relationship with the President as he settles into office. Helping to alleviate issues around poverty, clean water and sanitation, the actor believes that they are capable of reaching across the isles and achieving some lofty goals.

"We can work with anybody," said Damon. "It remains to be seen what (Trump's) relationship to foreign aid is, what his feelings about that are... We don't see our role here (at the World Economic Forum) as being part of a global elite. We see it as trying to help get the poorest of the poor a seat at the table."

Source: SMH, Upi