John Wick Gets Honest Trailer Treatment as Keanu Reeves Talks Matrix Reality

The folks at Screen Junkies are all in agreement - 2014's John Wick is by far the best ever Keanu Reeves movie, playing a John that is. Despite that being the eighth time in the action star's illustrious career, Honest Trailers give the previous installment two thumbs up on the eve of the February 10 debut of John Wick: Chapter 2.

Pointing out that the characters in this assassin world are far too casual dealing with dead bodies, treating the killing spree like a Call of Duty video game and setting a record for an amount of head shots, the parody review delivered with good grace. Now the stage is properly set for a sequel that is sure to kick some serious ass.

Wick Not Crazy, Just A Survivor

Quizzed whether he received any tips from actual assassins in the field, Reeves explained in no uncertain terms that was never going to happen.

"Oh my god no!" replied a stunned Reeves. "Put the word out on the street - 'Hey, do you happen to know' - no I didn't no. It's a word of fiction."

Recording a death count that is a parallel to any counterpart in the genre, does the actor think his character is a little insane?

"No, no no no," insisted Reeves. "Wait, wait, wait, wait - in the first one I let Francis go. I don't kill people who aren't trying to kill me. They're in the assassin world man and they're trying to kill me! I'm just trying to kill this one kid cause he killed the dog and the dog was innocent. I do let them go, I'm not like crazy (laughs)."

His new co-stars Ruby Rose and Common gave a glowing assessment of Reeves, stating that they could never really get into a brawl with the lead under any circumstance.

"I'm a dreamer," started Common. "He's in the next room," explained Rose. "I'm going to let him know so you guys just wait here. He's such a sweet guy, I'd probably have to hug him to death. It would be a slow death." The rapper though had different ideas. "I love Keanu, but it would be a good fight. Like, I aint going out without a fight!"

Who Is Bill, Who Is Ted?

The 1989 comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure remains one of Reeves' most iconic roles in his early years and talking to Screen Junkies, the 52-year old revealed that he went into the film expecting to take on the part of Bill S. Preston Esq.

"Well no, because Alex (Winter) and I both went to go for our costume fitting - wardrobe fittings thinking we were playing the other character," remarked Reeves. "I wasn't upset, we both took it in strides, we were like, 'OK.'"

Shifting quickly to his previous blockbuster franchise The Matrix, the actor outlined that the story does offer him pause to question reality.

"I mean I have had people come up to me and have that conversation," admitted Reeves. "It's one of those things where you're like... it's like - it's real adjacent."

Source: Screen Junkies