Parallel Sci-Fi Thriller Adds Mr. Robot Figure To Cast

The upcoming science fiction thriller Parallel has cast Martin Wallstrom as he gears up to portray the head of a pack of renegade travelers. THR reports the 33-year old Swede is most notable for his performance as Tyrell Wellick in the modern cyber drama Mr. Robot where the actor has earned widespread acclaim for making the show a cult hit.

Bron Media Corp and Bellevue Productions are the companies putting the pieces together during pre-production. But very little is known about the project outside of a brief synopsis and the names of a handful of behind-the-scenes identities. The science fiction thriller is a popular genre in Hollywood at the moment. With the genre giving Wallstrom the chance to transition from shady small screen character to a big screen player.

Film Will Tap Into A Common Theme


Directed by Isaac Ezban, the title gives away a big clue as to what the story of Parallel will center around. The flick follows four young app entrepreneurs who find a mirror in the attic of a rental house. This so happens to be a portal to parallel universes with a time differential that makes it possible for them to access the future of these alternate worlds. A theory that has been explored a number of times in both cinema and television.

The Scott Blaszak script will position Wallstrom in the key role as the leader of the group. A character who uses the time warp to make mega bucks off of technology that is yet to exist in the real world. The actor has just recently wrapped up a feature titled Ashes in the Snow, so his schedule is free. This project will be one of the first where the Swede will be the face of a major production.

Time Travel A Great Concept When Executed Well

Sliders Parallels Parallel

While the Back to the Future franchise remains the gold standard for time travel on the big screen, the narrative for Parallel has more in common with the 90s television series Sliders. Starring Jerry O'Connell, John Rhys-Davies, Cleavant Derricks and Sabrina Lloyd, the show explored the possibilities of traveling through wormholes where alternate realities existed.

That 88-episode journey also happened to begin in a basement. Can we expect the same from Parallel? It should be interesting to see what the trailer offers when it drops some time next year. John Zaozirny, Aaron Gilbert and Garrick Dion will help produce the movie. The trio shouldn't need to worry about a deadline, as the production is currently lacking a release date.