Napoleon Dynamite Returns For Burger King Commercial

Comedy films circa 2004 didn't come much bigger than Napolen Dynamite. And, while it has been 12 long years since we last saw him in all his glory, the character is back to promote a Burger King item close to his heart.

Joining Jon Heder for the short lived 30-second reunion was his co-star Efren Ramirez, reprising his role as the quiet and unassuming Pedro.

The potato bites are back on the menu and no one on screen big or small loved to chew on the goodies like Dynamite. Much like we saw a dozen years prior, Napolen asks if he can have "one" tot before proceeding to abuse the trust of his friend and grab an entire handful.

Heder Leaves Door Open To Follow Up

The actor understands how much the surprise hit took his career off in the right direction. And now any time he makes a public appearance, there is a good chance he will be quizzed about a sequel. The 39-year old sat down with the BBC in England and explained that there is more to Mr. Dynamite following his stint at High School.

“Nothing’s written on paper,” remarked Heder as the topic of a sequel came up. “It’s written in the stars. We have yet to translate the stars. But, who knows? It could happen. I feel that the stories of Napoleon aren’t completely over.”

Short Lived TV Show The Only Other Version Available

Napoleon Dynamite TV Series

Back in 2012, Fox gave the green light to syndicate 6 episodes of Napoleon Dynamite as an animation series. Despite being cancelled very early on in the piece, the ratings held up well without much of a budget and managed to secure most of the cast of the film as voiceovers, including Heder, Ramirez, Jon Gries, Tina Majorino, Sandy Martin and Aaron Ruell who played his sibling Kip Dynamite.

Heder has managed to keep himself occupied by starring in the comedy-thriller Ghost Team, while his friend Efren Ramirez featured in the teen comedy Varsity Punks and another animated show via Bordertown. Yet nothing for this duo compares to the movie that made them cult heroes for a generation of downtrodden geeks.

Source: NME, BBC