Mark Hamill Reads Donald Trump Tweets In Villainous Joker Voice

It has come to this. Luke Skywalker has portrayed president-elect Donald Trump as the DC bad guy The Joker. Attacking his obsessive tweeting and relentless attacks on the haters. Going so far as to create a crossover of a character known as The Trumpster, actor Mark Hamill appeared to have a lot of fun reading out one tweet in particular. Where Trump could not even give a Happy New Year remark without inserting a dig.

Trump's post garnered over 140,000 retweets and 350,000 likes as his January 20 Inauguration date draws ever closer. The creepy rendition by Hamill was inspired by the brother of Patton Oswalt, Matt, who said bluntly to Trump's tweet, "this sounds like something the Joker would say right before releasing a swarm of killer bees into Gotham." As thousands of fans asked Hamill to give his take, he sent out the audio and it will be etched into people's ears for long to come.

Hamill A Regular Critic Of Trump's

Mark Hamill in Force Awakens

Hamill's 1.56m and growing followers are often treated to a lot of great content. From his grabs of The Joker to some Star Wars news and just his general reaction to events that are taking place within in the entertainment industry. Yet it will come as no surprise that the 65-year old is not particularly a big fan of Trump's. A point he illustrated just prior to Christmas.

Referencing one of his scandals during the election period, Hamill gave a tongue-in-cheek message to The Rockettes who had been confirmed to play at the Inauguration. "Have fun, but remain vigilant Ladies!" remarked Hamill. "There's just so much to grab there."

Hamill A Geek At Heart To Continue Love Affair With Superheroes

Mark Hamill The Flash

Fans of CW's The Flash series might have been surprised to see Mark Hamill pop up as the eccentric villain The Trickster. But those viewers may not realize that he was reprising rather than making a debut. He took on the exact same role in the original 1991 series for just the two episodes. Continuing a filmography that appeals to the comic book aficionados as much as any from Star Wars.

A great portion of Hamill's work has circulated in the animated realm of DC. Voicing The Joker in 2016's Batman: The Killing Joke, as he followed on from voicing the bad guy many years prior. Now it seems his social media account is a new toy to play with and if he is true to the character he is voicing, the shenanigans won't be over any time soon.

Source: THR