Logan Dominates Weekend Box Office Takings With US $85m Opening

The numbers don't tell the whole story, but if the latest figures emanating from the weekend box office is any guide, then Logan has been a masterpiece. As Marvel and 20th Century Fox enjoy the spoils of no less than $85.3m for their US opening this weekend over the span of 4,071 theaters, those numbers get even bigger when you include the global receipts.

Premiering in 81 various markets from Europe to South America, Asia and Africa, the X-Men spinoff raked home $237.8m from Friday to Sunday. Despite it's opening date falling in the wake of some heavy Oscar winners this month, the closing legacy of Wolverine has blitzed the competition.

Domestic distribution president for Fox Chris Aronson gave glowing praise to the filmmaker in particular. "Jim (Mangold) and Hugh perfectly executed the movie they wanted to make. It is a very personal and visceral story for the character, which contemplates mortality."

From Kid Friendly To Adults Only In The Superhero Realm

The Lego Batman Movie

Prior to this weekend's hotly anticipated release, The Lego Batman Movie was enjoying the fruits of Warner Brothers' labor. Sitting on top of the rankings, the animated comedy feature slipped to fourth in the standings behind the Jordan Peele horror Get Out and the fantasy drama The Shack.

Warner and DC won't be too despondent over their current situation though with no less than $256.8m sitting in their bank accounts to go again next year. The Keanu Reeves action sequel John Wick: Chapter 2 opened for their fourth consecutive week in sixth position, bringing in $4.7m to add to their $82.9m total.

Audiences Still Ga Ga For La La

La La Land

13 weeks running is a tremendous run for a motion picture as the almost winner of Best Picture at the Oscars in La La Land continues into their third month on the big screen. The six wins on the big night last week was still due recognition for Emma Stone as Best Actress and 32-year old Damien Chazelle for Best Director.

Matt Damon's The Great Wall has failed to make an impact with US moviegoers, but follows a strong performance in the domestic markets of China where the movie has proven to be a big hit. For Fifty Shades Darker, clearly the franchise fans were not perturbed by the poor reviews as they spend an aggregate of $109.9m on the flop.

Comscore Estimates for Weekend of 3/5/17
1. Logan $85.3m $85.3m 4,071 1
2. Get Out $26.1m $76m 2,938 2
3. The Shack $16.1m $16.1m 2,888 1
4. The Lego Batman Movie $11.7m $148.6m 3,656 4
5. Before I Fall $4.9m $4.9m 2,346 1
6. John Wick: Chapter Two $4.7m $82.9m 2,475 4
7. Hidden Figures $3.8m $158.8m 1,582 11
8. The Great Wall $3.5m $41.3m 2,314 3
9. Fifty Shades Darker $3.4m $109.9m 2,205 4
10. La La Land $3m $145.7m 1,411 13

Source: THR