Liam Neeson To Star In Snow Thriller Hard Powder

No other actor has perfected the aged but frighteningly vengeful persona as Northern Irishman Liam Neeson. Taking the audience on a rollercoaster ride with productions like the Taken franchise, Non-Stop, The Grey and A Walk Among the Tombstones. To name but a few. Now the 64-year old is using those talents across to a new title called Hard Powder, a story that revolves around a snow plow driver in Colorado.

After a local drug lord murders his son in cold blood, Neeson's character incites a turf war between them and a Native American gang. Surely everyone will resolve their differences amicably, right? The Studiocanal picture is said to channel the likes of Bruce Willis in Die Hard for the actor, bringing his kill first-ask names later approach to the Rocky Mountains.

Neeson Needed Convincing For "Dull" Silence Movie

Liam Neeson in Silence

Fronting the Martin Scorsese picture Silence, a project that took some 26 years to come to fruition for the legendary filmmaker, Neeson gave a small hint as to why people had reservations about the film. “It was very dull,” started the Unknown star to Business Insider.

"I knew how important Silence was for Martin," outlined Neeson. "He spent 26 years putting the film together. The sets on Silence were incredibly quiet. He did demand from all the crew, especially when he was talking to his actors before we do a scene, he did demand absolute silence, and he got it. He did create this space for you to do your best work. To really focus."

Starring in another of his work in Gangs of New York, the Northern Irishman said that the tone on set had a completely vibe to what he would later experience with the religious movie.

"I’m not saying on Gangs of New York he was walking around telling jokes — it was a different subject matter. There were always crowds of actors. It was a different energy."

No Regrets Passing Lincoln To "F***ing Extraordinary" Day-Lewis


Indicating what a luxury Neeson has enjoyed over his career to pass on some big roles, the veteran did not think twice about saying no to Steven Spielberg for the drama Lincoln. Going on to argue that Daniel Day-Lewis was always the best choice.

"I have absolutely no regrets about that at all," he stated. "The script I was involved with Steven on was totally different than what he shot. I thought I was past my sell-by date with this. This just isn’t me anymore. And I’m glad it happened. When I saw the film and what Steven had done and certainly what Daniel (Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln) had done was f***ing extraordinary. I thought it was beautiful. I was so pleased I made that decision. Dan was superb."

Source: Cinema Blend, BI