Leonardo DiCaprio In Possession of Marlon Brando’s 1955 Oscar Trophy

If reports in The Daily Mail are to be believed, then Leonardo DiCaprio could be in hot water. He allegedly received Marlon Brando's Oscar award for Best Actor in 1955 from a producer accused of embezzlement. The 41-year old is said to have been given the trophy for his birthday in 2012. The gifter was the stepson of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, a man who is yet to fight and win his case against $3b worth of funds that have not been properly accounted for.

There are more figures involved though, rather than just the Prime Minister's step son and DiCaprio. Included in the saga of the prized $600,000 golden piece of silverware is dealer Ralph DeLuca and Malaysian playboy and businessman Jho Low (pictured below). Might as well include Red Granite Pictures, who produced Wolf of Wall Street with the actor in question.

Shadow Cast Over DiCaprio's Dealings

'The Wolf of Wall Street' : Photocall At Cinema Gaumont Opera Capucines

Brando was said to be chasing the Oscar for a number of years before his untimely death in 2004. And it does appear as though one part of that mystery is resolved. How it came to circulate around a major production company in cohorts with DiCaprio, only to fall into his personal belongings seems like another matter. One most likely for The Department of Justice and U.S. District Court.

Both of those agencies were in the middle of looking into $238 million of money that was allegedly siphoned away from the 2013 movie Wolf of Wall Street. An apt turn of events given the portrayal of corrupt stockbroker Jordan Belfort. A man who went above and beyond the law to gain as much as he could before his ultimate downfall. Coincidence?

Wolf of Wall Street

Controversy Won't Stop Leo From Campaigning For Action on Climate Change


The Revenant star might not think twice about miniature statues, but the environment is something close to his heart that does matter to the actor. Good News Network reports that the activist is producing a new documentary. Covering the issue of climate change, the feature will be titled Before the Flood.

The picture will interview experts in the field as well as iconic world figures like President Obama and Pope Francis. Going into depth and detail about the struggle that faces the planet. Given his potential scandal that lays ahead, it will certainly provide the playboy with a healthy dose of perspective!