Lego Batman Crosses Over With CW Crowd For DC Segment

The Arrow-verse on the small screen does a more than admirable job of bringing many of the classic DC characters to life for a weekly fix. But there is one obvious absentee that is hard to ignore. With the premiere of The Lego Batman Movie hitting theaters this week, the studio has decided a crossover is in store. As the crew from CW lend their voices to the short skit.

The Flash's Grant Gustin, Arrow's Stephen Amell, Supergirl's Melissa Benoist, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh all give a short cameo for a clip that doubles as a promo for the movie. All while mixing in their respective seasons on the CW. Clearly this version of Bruce Wayne would not work in their world, as the playboy billionaire struggles to spell the word Kryptonian.

Batman Expected To Black Out Fifty Shades Darker At Box Office

This weekend is said to deliver a three-way battle between a trio of pictures that promise much. John Wick: Chapter 2, Fifty Shades Darker and The Lego Batman Movie. Two of these have received glowing reviews from critics early on. Leaving the romantic thriller sequel well behind in the running order, according to Variety.

The DC animation feature is said to be tracking towards a haul of $60m for the weekend. A stellar result should they do so having laid out $80m in total to create. Studio executives and insiders have set their sights much lower than the 2014 original for Fifty Shades of Grey when they hit approximately $80m for an opening weekend, hoping that they will score about half that.

Photographer Turns Caped Crusader Into Everyman

Batman Lego

Whether it be working on a site drilling a hole for the local community, helping a passer by with a life raft, holding a metal plate before it falls on a council worker or assisting an elderly lady crossing the street, Lego Batman is now the everyman hero. Courtesy of Ric Tse Photography, the Hong Kong artist has utilized his unique skills to showcase a different side of the crime fighter. Good timing, since it's immediately prior to the film's US debut on February 10, 2017.

Earning over 100,000 shares on Facebook, the photography has clearly tapped into something special with the character that is best known for doing good deeds when the sun goes down. Given the early reaction to The Lego Batman Movie, we can surely expect more weird and wonderful depictions of the hero that pops up in toy form.

Source: Variety, SCMP