What The Kong: Skull Island Post-Credit Scene Tells Us

*SPOILERS - if you have not seen Kong: Skull Island and do not wish to be spoiled, read no further.

Legendary are clearly putting the building blocks in place for their epic Monsterverse, a franchise that we already know will pit Kong against Godzilla. A title that started the whole sequence back in 2014. With the reboot fresh off it's debut last week for Kong: Skull Island, the post-credit scene prizes open a myriad of potential crossover material to work with.

The appearance of the organization Project Monarch forecasted four beasts which were depicted in cave paintings. But, for the sake of curiosity, they were not shown in complete detail. Courtesy of THR, they give a rundown of these monsters and discuss their potential involvement.

Kaiju Coming Out To Play In American Adaptation

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah

The Kaiju is a genre film from the Japanese depicting giant monsters. And, with the Monsterverse starting their own sequence, this adaptation is off and running. The paintings illustrate four foes that the big gorilla will likely be facing in the not-too-distant future. Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah and Rodan.

The latter is a super-charged pteranodon and comes across as a T-Rex with wings. Ghidorah is a three-headed alien that looks like a spawn of a traditional dragon (if you consider a dragon traditional in a fictional sense).

Then there is Mothra, one of the "good" monsters who is essentially a huge moth that springs into a giant butterfly. Godzilla vs. Kong will pit the two main players together for 2020. But there is little doubt these other characters will be teased before that main showdown.

Post-Credit Scene Almost Didn't Happen

Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts told Cinemablend that this scene with Project Monarch and the paintings was close to being on the cutting room floor. Indicating that some studio executives were not entirely satisfied with how they were going to tease future installments. Fortunately for the moviegoers and fans of the monster franchise, common sense prevailed and Legendary Pictures gave the green light to showcase who will be involved down the line.

"We shot that during production, and it was actually one of those things that they had taken off the movie at one point," remarked the filmmaker. "For some reason, there was concern about it, and I was really happy when everyone decided let's bring this back. I think that's what people want to know is happening."

Source: THR, Cinemablend