Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Star In Sci-Fi Thriller Sovereign

Variety reports that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will take a leading role in the upcoming science fiction thriller Sovereign. The film will be directed by British filmmaker Marc Munden, as much of the work to date has been readying the behind-the-scenes staff prior to bringing in The Dark Knight Rises star.

And they couldn't have cast him at a better time, as his schedule is nearly wide open. Munden may have to do some scheduling around a musical Levitt is working on, but that's it.

21 Laps Entertainment company have signed on Shawn Levy, Dan Levine and Dan Cohen as producers. Geoff Tock and Gregory Weidman's drafted a script that will get a final makeover by Jack Thorne. Nick Meyer and Marc Schaberg will be joined by Kelly McCormick as executive producers. The trio will quickly become a foursome when Gordon-Levitt is between cuts to work in that capacity as well.

Story A Branch Out Into The Wilderness For JGL 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Film

Sovereign will offer Joseph Gordon-Levitt the opportunity to take the leading role in a thriller that is sure to earn a lot of buzz. Especially as the picture is leading towards the premiere. Levitt will portray a man whose marriage has disintegrated, all while he seeks to locate his wife and the crew of a space station after they disappear out of sight.

Science Fiction is not a genre unfamiliar to the 35-year old actor, taking part in the 2012 flick Looper alongside Bruce Willis as well as the 2010 Christopher Nolan masterpiece Inception. Where the actor looked perfectly comfortable sharing the screen with Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio. But without other names added to the casting, this should position Gordon-Levitt front and center of the operation. And it will largely be on his shoulders to make the project a success.

Snowden Not The Smash Hit Many Were Hoping

Snowden Quad

Oliver Stone's latest work Snowden made its debut this year and, while it tackled topical subject material focusing on one of the most divisive characters in modern times, it did not win over audiences or critics as was forecast. Gordon-Levitt gave a credible performance in the lead role of Edward Snowden, but it paled in comparison to the documentary CitizenFour. That informative feature gave the former NSA analyst an opportunity to give a firsthand account of events that he partook in.

Branching away from controversial real life characters might be a good chance for the Don Jon star to create something for himself. All without the added pressure of following in the footsteps of a heralded documentary. And, if he can't branch out in space, then we know something has gone awry.