Johnny Depp: Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actor For 2nd Year Running

There are lists celebrities want to be on, then there is the annual Forbes list of the top 10 most overpaid actors in Hollywood. With Johnny Depp taking out the prestigious "honor" back in 2015, the Black Mass star would have hoped to give the 2016 edition a wide berth but unfortunately for the actor, he wins it again this year.

Johnny Depp in Mortdecai

There is method to the madness from Forbes after analyzing evidence that is objective rather than subjective. They examined the last three significant movies the actor was in on a minimum of 2000 screens, before looking at the operating income and dividing that number by the star’s estimated pay.

Depp Should Be Thankful To His Masterful Agent

All in all, Depp returns a disappointing $2.80 for each dollar he makes and while that is good business in some departments he falls short of his contemporaries by quite some distance. His latest performance in Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass only made a profit of $130m from a sizeable budget whilst Black Mass grossed $100m worldwide. The critical flop that was Mortdecai didn't reach half of that with $47m.

Johnny Depp in Alice Through the Looking Glass

His next venture is reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. This is Depp's bread and butter in an acting and financial perspective, as he hopes to use this as a vehicle to move away from this type of publicity.

Fresh Prince Not As Lucrative As He Used To Be

Will Smith in Suicide Squad

The $2.80 figure might be embarrassing for Depp and does create some daylight between him and number 2 on the list, but it might surprise some to see Will Smith take that slot at $5 for every dollar of revenue he takes home. From Sony's Concussion which made $48m gross to Focus alongside Margot Robbie, that drama managed $160m from a $50m budget.

Playing Deadshot in DC's Suicide Squad, Smith is not credited in this ensemble flick as it was released after June as well as having many more people involved in the blockbuster. In this case the money made sense with a taking of $745.6m at the box office, but translated far worse with critics and audiences.

Source: Variety