Janis Joplin Biopic Wants Michelle Williams In Lead Role

Variety reports that Michelle Williams could very well become the iconic rocker Janis Joplin in the Uncommon Productions film Janis. With Sean Durkin on board to direct and Peter Newman already working in a producer's capacity, insider sources close to the production believe the 36-year old actress has been earmarked for the project. Her representatives are currently in talks with the studio to make the deal a reality.

Williams is beloved by those within the industry, but is rarely thought of in the same light as some of her acting compatriots. That doesn't mean the former partner to the late Heath Ledger hasn't proved she's got the acting chops. With roles in other films such as Marilyn, also a biopic, it is obvious that she's capable of the part.

Latest Sundance Performance A Standout

Michelle Williams in Manchester by the Sea

Amazon and Roadshow drama Manchester by the Sea won plenty of plaudits with an early release at Sundance this year. And, with a US release of November 18th, many are looking at Williams with fresh eyes. Next to the likes of Casey Affleck and Kyle Chandler, the actress is said to be such a standout on screen that there is already Oscar talk.

Dealing with sudden lose, family and life in a dreary part of Massachusetts, the film has universal acclaim for its direction, cinematography and dramatic performances across the board. Even with so much positive feedback, special mention has been made for Michelle Williams. This seems to have given her momentum to play the late recording artist.

Joplin Role Would Be A Change Of Pace

Michelle Williams Janis Joplin Biopic

While her music might not have a contemporary feel to it, Janis Joplin was very much a punk rocker during the 1960s. Her fearless approach to the music scene dominated by conservative males broke the mold. Up until her untimely death in 1970 due to a drug overdose at the tender age of 27, she helped to embody the anti-war pro-love movement that hippies were known for.

Williams has been able to translate names on a script to the screen, but this will offer a different challenge. Joplin had her own attitudes and personality, something fans hopes will be accurately portrayed. It will therefore be interesting to see how she will approach the role should she indeed sign on.