Jamie Dornan Takes a Break from Sadomasochism for Robin Hood: Origins

Taking a break from sadism, Fifty Shades of Grey's very own Jamie Dornan is thinking about getting medieval. The actor is in talks with Lionsgate to co-star in Robin Hood: Origins. Before Dornan followers get too excited, it should be noted that he will not be playing the title character. That part has already been assigned to a Kingsman, Taron Egerton. Dornan will instead take on the role of Will Scarlet. Who you ask? Christian Slater of course!

Jamie Dornan in Talks to Play Will Scarlet in Robin Hood: Origins

At least, Christian Slater is the easiest version of the character to remember. The actor played the role of Will Scarlet opposite Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. He, like Costner, showed some difficulty talking with an English accent. Both actors would drop it entirely during the course of the movie. Still a fun actioner, but I digress.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

In an attempt to get away from comicbooks, studios have begun to look back to the sword epics. Warner Bros has Charlie Hunnam leading King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, while Lionsgate is hoping to get another Robin Hood installment off the ground. Since origin stories seem to fare better than attempting something new, it makes sense that both these films are exactly that, origin stories.

Lionsgate isn't afraid to hide it either. The film is called Robin Hood: Origins, so the premise is clear.

Robin Hood: Origins Cast Grows

Even if Dornan decides against coming aboard, Robin Hood: Origins is still off to a strong start. Taron Edgerton is already onboard to play Robin Hood, while Eve Hewson will play his love interest as Maid Marian. Switching things up a bit, Jamie Foxx has also been cast. No, he is not reprising the role created by Morgan Freeman, tssk tssk, but is instead playing Little John.

Russell Crowe in Robin Hood

While the Robin Hood franchise feels fairly covered, it has been a few years since Ridley Scott's attempt at the story with the simply titled Robin Hood. Starring Russell Crowe, the film saw a worldwide haul of $321.7 million on a budget of $135 million. Not a bad return, though the film was panned by critics.

Not the best reason, but the door does seem open for another attempt at the epic tale. Dornan would be a good addition, but don't feel bad if he gets a pass. The actor has already had a busy year with the Fifty Shades franchise, Anthropoid and The 9th Life of Louis Drax. Plus he gets to see Dakota Johnson naked, so that's a plus.