Hugh Jackman Tweets Teaser And New Look For Logan

Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman has used his strong social media presence of 6.94m Twitter followers and counting to give the fans a taste of what to expect in 2017's Logan.

The short 7-second TV spot, already made available to Trailer Addict this week, offered a dark, frightening glimpse of the Australian's latest and final portrayal of the iconic X-Men character.

"They turned me into a freak," says Logan as he stands lonesome and isolated on a hill. "And now they've made me a weapon, and god made it last too long."

The Final Countdown Begins

Gore in Logan

The full trailer will become available to the United States on Thursday and Trailer Addict will bring you the feature in all it's glory when it drops. Jackman's personal teaser came combined as a double delight for the audience. Seeing his beaten, scarred and worn out exterior in the black and white image that leaves a lasting impression. This is indeed his finally battle and it might come to a sad, grizzly end for the beloved hero.

Director James Mangold also shared the still. But with a more modest 20,300 Twitter followers, it is fair to say Marvel and TGS Entertainment have gained a lot more traction through the actor's profile prior to the hotly anticipated March 3, 2017 release date.

Some Old Friends Return With New Enemies To Fight

Professor X in Logan

Across a lengthy journey that has seen 8 Wolverine appearances in the X-Men/Marvel universe. Courtesy of 5 films alongside his mutant companions and 3 stand alone flicks, Jackman has become synonymous featuring next to the likes of Patrick Stewart as Professor X on screen. Mangold has now taken the reigns twice behind the camera with Jackman as the bearded warrior.

But the big twist came earlier in the week when it was revealed that Stephen Merchant of all people will play Caliban. The mutant is a mysterious figure who really takes the creep level up to 11. The British comedic actor has branched away from Ricky Gervais and his mates to delve deep into a villain that looks more at home in a Freddy Kruger picture than in a superhero production. I for one can't wait to see what he has in store for Wolverine.