Hugh Jackman Bids A Public Farewell To Wolverine Character

Hugh Jackman has taken to Instagram to shave off his Wolverine sideburns as he says a final goodbye to the X-Men character. Following the post with the caption "My wife is going to be very happy #GoodbyeChops #thedebs," the Aussie made sure people knew his time with the role had reached its destination and that was going to be the end of the journey.

The 47-year old from Sydney started as Logan with only his third motion picture for 2000's X-Men. He went on to make 7 more Wolverine features as the 8th wraps up filming. Jackman has since made the character his own, portraying both a gruff warrior and a justice fighter with a heart of gold.

Jackman Making Headlines Through Instagram

Hugh Jackman Old Instagram

This is not the first time Jackman has made waves through posting on his personal Instagram account. Earlier this month newspaper tabloids had a field day with the above picture, speculating wildly over the reasoning behind his aged appearance that may or may not have been for the purposes of the film.

Hugh Jackman Instagram Shave

The press and public also had a lot of fun when the stage performer sported a spectacular mustache for his role as Blackbeard in the 2015 movie Pan. He is a regular on social media. Jackman has uploaded hundreds of snaps for his 7.6 million followers featuring a plethora of Hollywood friends like Ryan Reynolds, Russell Crowe and Michael Fassbender.

New 2017 Wolverine Picture Still Without A Title

Wolverine (2017)

Aside from casting X-Men regular Patrick Stewart who is reprising his role as Professor Charles Xavier alongside a few new faces, little is known about the upcoming 2017 Wolverine picture including the title itself. The film is a sequel to 2013's The Wolverine and 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine installments, but what we do know is that Jackman is bookmarking his time as Logan on the big screen with one final hurrah.

Given the struggles of recent superhero franchises, the X-Men series has been a commercial and critical success outside of the first Wolverine stand alone attempt and 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse. Hopefully for the fans sake this will be a worthy send off for a character that audiences have grown to know and love for over 15 years.