Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Musical Tasting and Drax Expansion

You know our anticipation for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is high when it feels like it was ages ago when the last trailer dropped. It turns out it was about six weeks back, so maybe we are getting a bit greedy. But with the film's release now less than four months out, we are expecting the marketing train to ramp up.

Well, that hasn't happened just yet, to our chagrin. But the cast and crew are trickling out enough information to keep us from going hungry. Actor Dave Bautista was happy to field some questions out of the Sundance Film Festival while James Gunn went to Twitter to sample some of the sequel's music.

James Gunn Sneak Peek's Vol 2 Audio

With post-production on the final leg, it makes sense that James Gunn would find himself in the sound studio working on the film's score with composer Tyler Bates. The same guy who gave us the score for Guardians of the Galaxy, audiences can expect something new but also familiar. Not that it matters too much, as Bates' score seemed to be overshadowed by the "Awesome Mix Tape" that played throughout the film's running. Seriously. Can you hum out a portion of the film's score? I can't, and I love film scores. But I digress...


Ahha, that does sound recognizable now that I think of it! The video was recorded at Abbey Road in London, and in it we get to witness the entire orchestra hard at work. The music sounds great, and hopefully James Gunn's early promotion of the film's score will give Tyler Bates a bit more attention this time around.

Dave Bautista's Drax Sees Role Blossoming

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Wallpaper

If you've watched the two trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, you might have noticed that Drax seems to have a bit more involvement in the script and definitely comes with some witty zingers. I was howling when we see him staring up and yelling, "Screw you, spaceship!"

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Running into Collider, Dave Bautista explains that his extra acting lessons -- that he did for the first installment -- seems to have paid off. Playing a violent character with a secret soft side, the actor's involvement in the production has been expanded upon. Especially since, according to Boatista himself, the sequel will focus on the Guardians' family element.

It’s an extended version of the first film, for the Drax character. There’s just a lot more … most people’s first perception of Drax would be he’s just a big, muscly brute, and he’s just going to go in and be an all-action character. But he’s more funny, driven … there’s a lot more of that. He gets closer and more caring with the other Guardians, and they become more of a solid family in this one. If I had to put a tag on this second film I would say ‘family,’ that’s kind of the theme.

Can't wait!

What do you think? Good idea having Dave Bautista get more dialogue and screen time?

Source: Collider