Godzilla: King of Monsters Scores Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown

Ever since the Netflix series Stranger Things started streaming on the devices, Millie Bobby Brown has become a household name. The 12-year old English actress earned small cameos on programs like NCIS, Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy. But it would be in the role of Eleven alongside Winona Ryder and David Harbour that she truly began to showcase talent beyond her years.

Off the back of this stellar performance, Brown has been cast in the upcoming blockbuster Godzilla: King of Monsters. All while the production preps for a release on March 22, 2019. This would be a big break for the majority of actresses at any stage of their career. Least of which for it to be their very first introduction to a motion picture.

Meeting with Director Sealed The Deal for MBB

Milly Bobby Brown

Seeing her talent for what it is, director Michael Doherty knew what he wanted in Brown as the pair sat down for a meeting over the movie. The X2, Superman Returns and X-Men: Apocalypse writer convinced the actress to sign on the dotted line. Brown then sat down with ET to explain how the process went down.

"I just had a really incredible connection with the director," remarked Brown. "I had a great meeting with him and you know, I just really love him... It's my first movie. I'm really excited and that's really all I can say, but it's going to be great!"

Stranger Things would go on to take the Screen Actors Guild award on Sunday night for best ensemble in a drama series. This would be a precursor to Winona Ryder's unusual facial expression going viral, as she looked happy, sad and perplexed at the same time during David Harbour's acceptance speech at the podium.

Kong v Godzilla Connection Becomes Clearer

Godzilla King Kong Crossover

2020 will be the first time the audiences gets a look at a complete crossover in the Monsterverse, as Godzilla and King Kong go head-to-head. But, until that stage, it will up to Kong: Skull Island to lay the groundwork with little winks and nods in the meantime. Producer Alex Garcia explained to Cinemablend that this latest installment is set before the events of 2014's Godzilla. And, as such, they will allow the giant gorilla to stand on his own feet to begin with.

"Godzilla is not emerged into the modern world...so this is very much just Kong's story," said Garcia.

It will be John Goodman's character from Monarch that provides the real connection between the franchises.

"John Goodman, who plays the guy from Monarch, is sort of pulling the strings in the background and we come to realize obviously that they knew much more than they let on initially."

Source: ETcomicbook.com