Ghostbusters Director Joins All-Female Fox Comedy Turned On

Variety reports that Paul Feig will take the reigns of Turned On. An upcoming comedy courtesy of Fox that will once again be an all-female lead cast. Following on from his success with the same formula in the remake of Ghostbusters this year, Feig is seen as the ideal candidate to replicate the same tone and wit for that feature.

As production gets underway, Charlie Kesslering has developed the screenplay for the film. A screenwriter whose biggest credits to date can be attributed to television with James Corden on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Co-president of Feigco Entertainment Jessie Henderson is on board to produce.

Fox Trying To Tap Into The All-Female Trend

20th Century Fox Studios

Even as late as 2016, it feels ridiculous to think of an all-female leading cast as a niche trend or a new phenomenon. But this is the reality. Following on from Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters and the soon-to-be Ocean's reboot, chicks are in. Fox therefore wants to cash in on this development as best they can.

The brief synopsis of Turned On will portray a socially awkward engineer who creates an android to fill in for her at work. This scheme consequently backfires when that robot becomes self-aware and shenanigans ensue. Not an entirely original concept. But with Feig on board it should be good fun.

Feig A Safe Pair Of Hands For A Comedy

Ghostbusters Women

Paul Feig has a proven track record that includes The Peanuts Movie, Spy, The Heat, Bad Teacher, Bridesmaids and Knocked Up. So I guess it is fair to say that the production is in safe hands with the director. Making him the right choice to guide this comedy into a commercial and critically strong operation. With Dan Magnante overseeing the project, very little else is known as to casting details.

But if the director's history is any guide, any one of his favorites from Melissa McCarthy to Kristen Wiig could easily come into the fold. Feig can only do so much behind the lens after all. And calling upon the comedic stylings of those women would be another feather in the cap of Fox for this feature.