Ghost in the Shell Already Has an Impressive Nude Scene

After all the nudity Scarlett Johansson threw the audience's way in Under the Skin, it is clear she has no issue with showing some skin. What does come off as a surprise is that, so soon after a trailer, we now have a nude scene from Ghost in the Shell. Crazy, right? Well, it gets even crazier. Paramount decided that this particular clip was the best to show off to press in attendance in Japan. Can it get crazier? Yes! Paramount also told the press that it was okay to videotape the footage to show it off. This is the exact opposite instruction they give to any er, "reveal" at Comic Con.

Ghost in the Shell Nude Scene

And why not just release the clip straight to the internet? Not sure, but assuming a loophole somewhere in regards to getting some NSFW footage out and about. And, yes, nudity is cool, but there is something that is far, ummm, neater? It turns out the clip's music was performed live, as it pays tribute to the manga material that it is based on. Impressed yet?

Nude Ghost in the Shell Scene Shows Shelling Sequence

Well, you should be. Showcasing just how hard Paramount and director Rupert Sanders are working to be faithful to the source material, the clip does exactly that. The only question now is which clip to show first. Should we kick things off with the original "shelling sequence" from the animation? Yes, please...

Pretty erotic, right? Whoops -- Freudian slip. Pretty fantastic, right? Well, I hope you liked the music and visuals, as Sanders seems to have perfectly turned this same sequence into live action awesomeness. While the nudity isn't too insane -- considering -- I definitely don't recommend viewing this in your open cubicle at work. NSFW clip coming atchya!


As you may have noticed, there is a lot of creative editing to showcase the nudity while not showcasing the nudity. If you get my drift. So just how faithful, in regards to nudity, will the live-action be to the source material? Hard to say, but the first hint will be the film's MPAA rating. Or, if the film gets a red band trailer. The release of a red band trailer immediately means R-rating, but we're likely waiting on the MPAA. If this film goes PG-13, which it likely will, this sequence will be the limit of nudity to be found in Ghost in the Shell. If that bums you out, it may be good to know that there are hints of a lesbian scene or two. #Pervert