Friday the 13th Reboot Underway As Producers Explain Jason’s Absence

It's being reported that work is vigorously going on behind the scenes to reboot the slasher classic Friday the 13th. Meaning that steps are underway to develop a cast and script that will suit a 2017 audience. With the previous Marcus Nispel-directed installment flopping with critics back in 2009, it will be 8 long years since Jason Voorhees appeared on the big screen to terrify moviegoers.

By the time Halloween comes around next year, he will be back bigger and scarier than ever.

Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are the individuals responsible to ensure that legacy is not toyed with. Although it has some way to go to repair its reputation after a string of disappointments. While the blood and guts have continued to splatter, the genuine frights and memorable moments have been few and far between since it made a memorable debut back in 1980.

Fuller and Form Reminisce But Their Film Fell Short

Friday the 13th Reboot

Opening up about their experience making the 2009 feature by the same name, they enjoyed the ride, despite the many stumbling blocks along the journey.

“In terms of fun, making (the 2009 film) was so fun. The cast was great, we were in a great setting, everyone got along. We had a lot of fun making that movie and we always wanted to go back to Crystal Lake and make another one. There were so many obstacles to surmount to get to where we are today. I’m not going to bore you with all of them but for a long time, there was a rights issue between Paramount and Warner Bros. Then there was an execution issue. At one point, the studio wanted us to make a found-footage version of that movie and that was deeply concerning to us because we didn’t think we could execute the movie in the right way if it was a found-footage movie.”

Fuller and Form on Friday the 13th POV

But they knew ripping up the script to go full Blair Witch Project just wouldn't cut it. And by that stage it was too late in the creative process.

“No, Jason is a POV movie. So, it was very hard to wrap our head around how you would do a Friday the 13th that was found footage, knowing that we really need the Jason perspective of watching. We didn’t want to break the DNA of that. We also battled: do we do a sequel to the original? Do we pick up where we left off with Jared and Amanda at the end of the movie? Somehow, that didn’t find a home. So, it’s been eight years. It will be eight years since we made the last one. I’m here to say that we found the location. We have found the lake, we have found the camp. We found an amazing script by Aaron Guzikowski. Breck Eisner is directing the movie. That movie is shooting in early Spring.”

Next 13th To Be Suitable For Diehard Fans And Newcomers

Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th

With a "hard R" rating that won't be released on 3D or IMAX, 2017's edition will allow those that aren't familiar with the franchise to come and watch the period piece. All without the baggage of what has gone before.

“There’s been a lot of mileage between the 1st one and the 13th one," they said. "What we don’t want to do is alienate the audience who hasn’t seen the preceding 12 Friday the 13th movies. Aaron Guzikowski’s job, as challenging as it is, is to come up with a movie where if you haven’t seen any go the other ones, you can still come and see this one and love it and not feel like you’ve missed out on anything. And if you have seen the other ones, we want this to feel fresh. That’s what took the longest amount of time: coming up with a story and then executing a script that fulfills both those mandates.”