Emma Watson and Miles Teller Too Demanding For La La Land

A bad word has yet to be uttered over La La Land, the musical that has Hollywood abuzz with excitement and joy. The two leads Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are up for the major nominations with director Damian Chazelle leading into the Oscars. But, if fate were to have it's way, events would have turned out so differently for the production that has been acclaimed from all corners of the press.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson and War Dogs lead Miles Teller were heavily linked with the key roles of Sebastian and Mia respectively and before the pair could ink pen to paper on the deal, apparently they had demands of their own. According to The New York Post, Watson wanted to hold rehearsals in London while THR believed that Teller was holding out for $6m as opposed to the $4m on the table.

Schedule Conflict Could Have Been Decisive

Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast

Only Watson and Teller truly know what was behind their decision to walk away, or if the decision was made for them by the studio. Chazelle had La La Land in the works for a number of years and he knew the casting would be a make or break moment for his picture. And, given what has perspired in the following weeks, it seems the movie secured the best talent possible.

The 26-year old Brit can point to Beauty and the Beast as a potential reason for keeping a distance from La La Land. Taking on the role of Belle in a picture that she had sought for some time. But perhaps the two parties could have come together after the studio was said to have "jumped through hoops" to bring the Noah actress into the fold.

Talking to GQ, Teller was far more forthcoming to state that his Whiplash director let him down by moving onto Gosling, revealing that he texted to the filmmaker, "What the f***, bro?" Perhaps the same could be asked of Teller himself - bro?

La La Dances Beyond $200m Mark At Box Office

La La Land

As Watson and Teller smart their decision to snub La La Land despite their overtures, the movie continues to go from strength to strength by hitting massive numbers globally. Up for Best Picture at the Academy Awards alongside a record breaking 13 other nominations to boot, the film has brought home over $224m worldwide.

For an installment that only took $30m to make, that is pure gold for the studio. All as they plan on adding a number of gold stickers on their DVD copies for later in the year. The $12m it made over the weekend domestically was surpassed by Split, but that only adds to the success it has achieved as an aggregate.

Source: The Telegraph, Movie Web