Director: Kingsman 2 Will Learn Lesson of Bad Sequels

As 20th Century Fox prepare to debut their new title Kingsman: The Golden Circle, director Matthew Vaughn stopped by for a chat with Variety. With the 2015 original Kingsman: The Secret Service making a surprise splash of $414.4m at the box office, the studio managed to see a coming of age story turn into something of a sleeper hit.

An action franchise with a twist, Vaughn has his own take on the character that is different from the general perception.

“Everyone says it’s Bond, but it isn’t,' he argues. "It’s David Niven.”

Whatever it is, number three is already in the works as the series look to build on the stellar cast headlined by Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong and a string of newcomers.

Golden Circle Opens The Path To Kingsman 3.0

Kingsman Golden Circle

While Vaughn might be accused of getting ahead of himself, he explained that writing the screenplay to The Golden Circle had a sequel in mind.

“When we were writing it, we were thinking about Kingsman 3 too,” said Vaughn. “This is the bridge, if we can pull it off and get to make another one.”

Outside of Fast and Furious or films from Marvel and DC, continuing success at the theaters is difficult to achieve. For Vaughn, he believes they have avoided the mistakes that their counterparts have suffered from.

“Hollywood does a lot of sequels, and they don’t enhance the experience normally. Kick-Ass 2 was a big learning curve of how not to make a sequel. We didn’t set out to make a terrible film.”

Mad and Meticulous Moore Force to be Reckoned With in Kingsman 2

Julianne Moore in Kingsman

The running time is yet to be released, but the first installment pushed the audience to the brink with a healthy 129 minutes of wall-to-wall action. Having so much talent and content at his disposal, Vaughn remarked that the extra footage might have to be reserved for DVD and Blu-ray copies.

“I might be tempted to do a longer cut someday. It’s been hard cutting out lots of good stuff. I hate long movies and I’ve made a long film, so I’m struggling a bit with the length right now.”

Linking up with the regulars for number two is Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Elton John, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. The latter plays the villain Poppy, an unhinged mastermind who still knows what she is doing.

“She has a very insane but logical plot to take over the world.”

Just like any good antagonist.

Source: Variety