Colin Farrell Close To Linking Up With Denzel Washington For Inner City Thriller

Dan Gilroy, the man behind the universally acclaimed 2014 noir-thriller Nightcrawler, has earmarked 40-year old Irishman Colin Farrell as the ideal candidate to join Denzel Washington for his new project Inner City. The movie will be a Columbia Pictures production with Gilroy also penning the script for the story prior to taking the director's chair.

Screen Actors Guild winner Denzel Washington is to return to the genre he won so much praise and admiration for. Particularly via 2001's Academy Award winning performance for Training Day. This would be the first time Washington has worked with Farrell before, with the pair often crossing paths at the red carpet but never on set.

Denzel Returning To His Courtroom Roots

Denzel Washington Philadelphia

The premise of Inner City will see Denzel Washington return to his role as a lawyer, a part he played so well in the 1993 drama Philadelphia. This time he will take on a more awkward and recluse representative. A man who has been an experienced legal research in Los Angeles for the past few decades.

After the passing of his mentor, Washington's character is brought into a cutthroat law firm where his entire life changes as a result of one case. Farrell, should he agree terms to the picture, will be the slick boss who brings him into the fold.

Filmmaker Gilroy picks and chooses his movies carefully, either writing or directing at his leisure. From 1992's Freejack to Chasers, Two for the Money, The Fall, Real Steel, The Bourne Legacy, Nightcrawler and co-writing the Kong: Skull Island script, the 57-year old is incredibly selective to only develop 8 productions in the space of 25 years.

Busy Actors Packing Plenty On The Schedule

Actors love to act. And, for two men like Farrell and Washington, the offers don't stop coming on their desks as they move from one character to the next. For the former, Farrell has transitioned from the disappointment of True Detective Season 2 to the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. All while also taking part in The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled.

Washington on the other hand has shifted away from the hustle and bustle of action blockbusters to expand his dramatic repertoire. Making a starring role alongside Viola Davis in the 2016 drama Fences. The film has not only taken home $50.8m at the box office but, but delivered himself and his co-star a SAG award. The 62-year old now could remain in more grounded roles outside of blockbusters including The Magnificent Seven or The Equalizer in the near future.

Source: THR