Climate Change Flick The Humanity Bureau Casts Nicolas Cage

When former Vice President Al Gore released An Inconvenient Truth back in 2006, many believed the documentary would be the start of a movement. At least in hopes of bringing the issue of climate change to the front of the agenda at large. Fast forward ten years, and despite winning two Academy Awards, global warming has been pushed to the sidelines and become politicized in the process.

Now Nicolas Cage is doing his bit, joining the upcoming 2017 feature The Humanity Bureau. Alongside director Rob King, the Dave Schultz-written script tracks a government agency in the year 2030. A period after, you guessed it, climate change destroyed the American Midwest.

3s Company As Productions Get A Piece of the Action


Bringing in more than one organization to the party, all three of Minds Eye Entertainment, VMI Worldwide and Bridgegate Pictures will be on board to comprise the flick. With a release date set to be announced at some stage in 2017, plans are already underway with principal photography starting in earnest this week in British Columbia.

Cage's character is listed as a caseworker who is trying to appeal the banishment of a single mother, played by 34-year old Canadian actress Sarah Lind of The Exorcism of Molly Hartley fame. 13-year old teenager Jakob Davies is attached as Lind's son with The Humanity Bureau given the task of exiling people to New Eden. And what is New Eden? As it sounds, a location filled with those deemed unproductive and sent to the colony.

Nic Not Forgotten By Mainstream

Nicolas Cage Left Behind

The Oliver Stone biopic Snowden did not receive the critical acclaim it had wished or intended. The Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie did however bring Nicolas Cage into the mainstream conscious again. That film was quickly followed up by Dog Eat Dog, where Cage co-starred with Willem Dafoe. The man from Long Beach has turned into something of a punchline these days, with many forgetting his past credits.

Using climate change as a basis for a futuristic thriller might not be to the liking of a wider audience, but it is clearly a topic that Cage wants to help bring light to. The Face/Off and Con Air action star is not the hot ticket item he was two decades previous. Yet he still has the chops to lead a motion picture of this scope.

Source: THR