Bennifer Reunites As Affleck Rolls Out Live by Night Crime Drama

Ben Affleck can be criticized for many things, but one of those cannot be leading a boring life. Hollywood Life reports that the Gone Girl star and his partner Jennifer Garner are back together again since their 2015 split. To top it off, they are expected to have their fourth child together.

The Daredevil co-stars have shared the parenting duties of their three kids Violet, 10, Seraphina, 7, and Samuel, 4. This rekindling comes just as the actor/director debuts his brand new feature Live by Night. The Dennis Lehane adaptation is set in prohibition times and Variety reports that the crime drama is already receiving rave reviews from critics.

Affleck Wanted An Old School Feel To His Movie

Ben Affleck Live by Night

Going full gangster was never expected to be a concern for the multifaceted filmmaker. Especially given his latest prowess playing Bruce Wayne and Batman in the latest DC franchise. And he already had a view in his mind how he was going to tell this thrilling tale in a manner that would be timeless for the audience.

“This is the first movie I’ve made that was really constructed on purpose,” said the 44-year old. “I wanted it to feel classic, like it could have been made in the ’70s or even the ’40s, not doing too much cutting, not having very tight close-ups, allowing scenes to play and giving the actors space to play across the frame. But also we’re aware of contemporary audiences’ acclimation. The grammar of film is different now. So it was a challenge.”

Ben Identifies A Shift In What Qualifies A Modern Blockbuster


Arguing that he has not had a better experiencing directing a feature than he has with Live by Night, Affleck also longed for the time a movie would be judged as a must-watch. At least, without having to include massive budgets and CGI like today. Even taking a sly dig at his own character and superhero universe, Affleck was clearly enjoying what he had produced.

“(It used to be) a big, crowd-pleasing, punchy, sexy movie was one with costumes and extras and production design that was going to show you a different world,” stated Affleck. “Now a blockbuster — you have to wear a cape … not that I have anything against capes.”