5 Post-Credit Scenes Confirmed For Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Nobody quite does post-credit sequences like Marvel. Setting up a plethora of crossovers in the MCU as one feature links into the next, there is always a little bit of extra footage that needs to be shoehorned into the title. Even when the names have all been listed.

Director James Gunn though went a number of steps beyond what anyone was expecting. Going on to confirm on social media this week that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will have a staggering five of them! Exactly how they will fit in between the credits, how long they will go for and what will involve is anyone's guess. But be sure to stick firmly in your seats in the theaters until the lights come on and the ushers have to kick you out on May 5.

Gamora Cautious Over Scope of Infinity War

Sitting down with Collider this week, Gamora's own Zoe Saldana gave glowing praise to Anthony and Joe Russo as the next of kin weaved their magic for another Marvel adventure for the actress.

“(The Russos are) fantastic," she stated. "I’m a sucker for siblings that work together and make it work. I’m one of three sisters and we have our own production company. They do a fantastic job. They’re not shying away from the drama that an undertaking (that involves) bringing all the characters in the Marvel universe together is going to be for them. And they’re understanding the dramatic beats and they’re showcasing it, and obviously it’s gonna have a lot of action and everything, but also as Guardians being a part of it, we’re providing that levity and I think that it’s gonna make the movies more interesting.”

Prepping for the ultimate showdown that is Avengers: Infinity War, pitting the GotG crew alongside the other superheroes, Saldana admitted that there was a fair level of apprehension on her part by cramming in so much content into one picture.

“We’re kind of like in shock. It’s too big. In theory your mind going in you’re like, 'This is too big. I hope I’m not overstimulated and overwhelmed by its immensity,’ because it’s very big," she reiterated. "But to know what they’re doing and the direction that they’re taking, I felt super excited very early on. And I love that the fact that the Guardians were keeping our authentic voices, and that’s gonna be really what’s gonna make our introduction—our participation—special. I love what they’re doing with the rest of The Avengers and their characters and their storylines. It’s gonna be quite dramatic and amazing.”

Peter and Gamora Get Their Dance On In Fresh Clip


Taking the tone down to calm and easy for one brief moment in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, a new clip shows Peter Quill and Gamora enjoying a dance together. Played to the tune of “Bring It on Home to Me” by Sam Cooke, this will be one track added to the hotly anticipated mixed tape soundtrack that is sure to follow.

Fleetwood Mac's upbeat rocking "The Chain" is utilized for the trailer, taking the tally of confirmed songs up to a total of two. If the franchise has proven anything, it is that the music will be just as enjoyable as the flick itself.

Source: Collider