3 Cast Members In Place For Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars Spoof

Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars have secured the services of three performers. The trio have been cast to make the upcoming comedy a smash hit. As you can guess, the flick looks to poke fun at the growing superhero and fantasy franchises coming out of Hollywood. Variety reports that the story will take "inspiration" of sorts from Marvel's The Avengers, DC's Justice League and Disney's Star Wars with the help of Amy Smart, Stephen Rannazzisi and Shawn Michaels.

The production behind the spoof released a synopsis to explain that the narrative will feature an Earth reeling from an endless supply of superhero and super-villain wars. A nod to the claim that there are now too many superhero movies. Much like the premise Batman v Superman, the battles led to billions of dollars in damages and as a consequence it forced heroes off into the wilderness.

B-Grade Cast For B-Grade Movie?

Amy Smart Avengers of Justice Farce Wars

SSS Entertainment certainly could not be accused of overspending on the cast with their selected three. Early signs point to a B-grade movie that won't attempt to overreach with the audience. Shaun Sanghani will produce alongside Jeffrey Giles, John Cangelosi and Michael Lurie as executives.

Amy Smart of Road Trip fame will play Jean Wonder, the wife of Stephen Rannazzisi's SuperBat character. SuperBat is at a low point, having lost his money, house and the passion he once had to fight crime. Simon Rex, a man familiar with the art of the spoof, will portray a Mr. Freeze type figure that goes by the name Dark Jokester. WWE star Michaels will round out the cast as SuperBat’s mentor.

Spoof Films Never Win Over Critics But Can Make A Mark At Box Office

Scary Movie

Since the Scary Movie franchise ran out of gas, the parody genre has stayed on the sidelines until this project has come along. None of these films leave a lasting impression or stand the test of time. Though they continually flop with critics, spoofs and parodies can make a profit on the original budget if it is timed properly.

The first of that series back in 2000 starred Anna Faris and Shawn Wayans, taking scenes from Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer to make a remarkable $287m from a $19m budget. That essentially gave them license to keep going to the bitter end. And, given the ridiculous amount of content available to spoof, who knows how far this new franchise could last.