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TrailerAddict typically runs one FILM IQ test at a time. An IQ Test is like a scavenger hunt, with a single clue per step providing the user with help to the next film page.

To answer the clue, just find the film page that the clue is suggesting. For example, if you thought the clue was suggesting Pulp Fiction, then you'd go to the Pulp Fiction film page located here. If you are correct, you will be given another clue (or an end to the contest) at the top of the page.

The current IQ test is LIVE, and we're giving away five copies of Killer Elite on Blu-Ray. Winners will be selected at random from those who complete the IQ test early (top 10 to 15 finishers).

Killer Elite is available in stores on January 10th.
If a contest is running, you will already know your first clue. Pay attention to the words put in BOLD, as they are the hints you should consider. Each riddle should help you navigate to a film's page here on TrailerAddict. If you forget your next clue or that thereafter, it should be shown below.

Alert: Cookies should be enabled for this contest to work.

Once you discover the answer, go to that film's page. Remember: All clues point to films ONLY. If you are correct, you will be presented with another question, clue or riddle that should lead you to another film and so on. There is no way to skip clues and end up at final question. Each clue must be figured out in order. No cheating!

When you answer your final clue and end up at the final film's page on TrailerAddict, you will be presented with a pin number. Do NOT share this pin. This pin is like a winning lottery ticket for prizes where we have more than one. Immediately email your information and pin number to us.

Important! Due to all the winners that fail to respond with their shipping info, we have discovered that TrailerAddict emails wind up in the Spam folders of some mail programs including Yahoo!. Keep an eye on the winners list OR take TrailerAddict off your spam list. The only emails we send out are for contest winners.
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Hotties use their imagination to escape an asylum.

Find the film that this riddle is suggesting...
Hotties use their imagination to escape an asylum.
The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Trailer
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