Ozzie Trailer (2006)

Trailer for Ozzie.

When evil businesswoman Maxine Happy conspires to clone the wondrous creature to sell to stores in time for the holiday season, she dispatches two bumbling henchmen to the Australian outback to bring him to America. He is "Kola-napped" and bundled into travel bag for a flight back to the USA. The two goons are seated near young Justin, who is returning home with this airline hostess mother. Escaping from the bag, Ozzie switches places the boy's realistic looking toy koala, a gift from his mother.

Waking up in the Justin's bedroom, Ozzie gets into every kind of mischief imagineable, almost managing to destroy the boy's home! The boy is ecstatic when he hears the koala speak his first words, but cannot convince his mother that the cuddly creature is alive and can talk…she thinks it is nothing more than her son's wild imagination. He and Ozzie become inseparable friends, and soon soon Justin reveals this amazing secret to some of his schoolmates. However, Ozzie begins to feel homesick and, even though he knows he'll miss him, Justin recognizes that he must help him return to Australia.

Before they can figure out how Ozzie can get home, the henchmen appear and snatch him from Justin's house. After a wild chase across town, down to the beach, and on jet-skis across the bay, the thugs escape with the koala and take him to Maxine's lab. Justin must enlist the help of his closest friends, and use every gadget, gimmick and trick at their disposal to rescue Ozzie and teach the villains a lesson they'll never forget!

1 min 22 sec


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March 15, 2010
William Tannen

Michael Lach

Lightning Entertainment

March 10, 2006
Spencer Breslin
Bruce Allpress
Rachel Hunter
Joan Collins
Peter Rowley
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