App Support for iOS

TrailerAddict 2.0.x is here! After years of updating an old build, we are proud to say that our new native iOS app will allow us to bring tons of new features in the near future. For now, the app is available for all iPhone versions along with iPod and iPad!

Known Bugs

No Sound coming from application
Fix - Check your mute switch! If your mute switch is in the proper place -- not muted -- shut down the application entirely, flip the mute switch back and forth, leaving the switch in the sound position, and then reboot the application. But we're 99% sure you just have the mute switch turned on.

Still No Sound
Is your side switch set to control the Screen Lock/Rotation function in Settings >> General? If so, you may have installed the app with the switch in mute, which the app remembered, but you can't get out of mute. To do so, you have to change your Side Switch function out of Lock Rotation. Then you can unmute, test the app, and then go back into settings if you want your Side Switch to control screen lock again. If confused, contact us.

If you happen to see other bugs or have recommendations, be sure to contact us! We want this to be the best Movie Trailer app on the App Store.

App Support for Android

TrailerAddict is all-new with version 2.0.x! The new build is available for all Android devices.

Known Bugs

Scroll up ad crashes app.
We are working on a fix.

We like to think that's all there is at the moment. But if you encounter a bug or have some feedback, please contact us and help us create the best Movie Trailer app for Android.