Dead Scared Trailer (2005)

One Halloween afternoon, sultry college girl Jill visits the eccentric Professor Kapps in hopes to seduce him into a better grade. But Kapps has other plans and attacks Jill to sacrifice her to revive his evil book - The Saviour Of Souls, an ancient, mystic book said to open portals to other dimensions.

Meanwhile, at the local fraternity, an eclectic group of pledges Roy, Tim, Marsha, Doug and Delia are given their initiation assignment: an elaborate scavenger hunt, and a haunted night at “Hack House”, a deserted mansion once the scene of a grisly murder. The evil Saviour of Souls book is on the list.

Doug and Marsha sneak into Kapps house to “borrow” the book, but Kapps discovers them, and in their ensuing panic, they inadvertently cause Kapps’ apparent death. They run from the house, taking the book with them, unaware of the evil they hold. At Hack House, the five pledges try to settle in for the night, but are plagued by strange occurrences: Jacob and Justine, are hidden in a secret control room and determined to give the pledges a good scare.

But Kapps, while mortally injured in hospital, is still alive. His demonic spirit leaves his body and flies to Hack House, causing every door and window to bolt shut. Kapps’ spirit confronts Doug in the cellar and uses the gateway to possess the terrified Doug’s body instead. The possessed Doug then torments and tortures all the pledges, who do their best to fight him. Soon it is just left to Delia and Tim to fight the evil alone and prevent Kapp’s spirit from getting back the book.

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March 09, 2010
Rolfe Kanefsky

Rolfe Kanefsky

Lightning Entertainment

July 27, 2005
Brad Dourif
Brooke Burke
Nectar Rose
Phillip Andrew
Tiffany Shepis
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