Tom Holland On Spider-Man Role: “F**k It. I’m The Luckiest Kid Alive!”

Speaking with Variety, Tom Holland was in a candid mood about his new position as the latest Spider-Man prior to Homecoming hitting cinemas. Out on the red carpet helping to promote his latest feature The Lost City of Z next to Sienna Miller, Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson, the 20-year old from England gave a candid insight into his mindset and reaction to taking on the role.

"Do you know what," started Holland. "F**k it. I’m the luckiest kid alive!" Getting accustomed to the outfit was tough at first but a bit of introspection made the whole experience worthwhile. "The suit’s not the greatest thing, but sometimes when it’s uncomfortable, you just have to remind yourself of the long list of actors that would love to be in that suit."

Stunt Fill-Ins Were Great Coaches For Holland During Shooting

Unlike other Hollywood players who stretch the truth about their abilities in the physical side of production, Holland knew that he had his limits when it came to the action sequences.

“I did as many (of the stunts) as I could, but there are some things legally that I couldn’t do,” explained Holland. “There were stunt doubles who were all very, very talented guys who really supported me throughout the process. Whenever there was a stunt that I didn’t necessarily feel comfortable about, they would step in and show my how to do it, and coach me through the process.”

Insiders and participants of Spider-Man: Homecoming have been glowing about Holland's commitment to the role. Outlining that it is him more often than not during scenes where he is climbing buildings and rooftops. All in order to give his enemies a beatdown. Starting well was always going to be critical, following two recent adaptations of the character that didn't exactly resonate with audiences.

Holland's Lost City of Z Also Getting Rave Reviews

The hard work keeps coming for Holland, who booted up for the Amazon adventure flick The Lost City of Z. The series debuted this week. Next to the likes of Robert Pattinson, Charlie Hunnam and Sienna Miller, the physical exhaustion was felt from the crew who had to endure some serious pain to get the story across.

Twilight star Pattinson tells of one instance where some on set needed extra attention due to the aggressive wildlife close to their surrounds. “There was a crew member who got bitten in the neck by an arbor viper coming down from a tree," said Pattinson. "We found out we didn’t have a nurse. We didn’t have a medic on set and no anti-venom and we’re four hours from the city, and everyone’s just like, ‘smoke a cigarette, it will work.’ The props guys sucked the venom from the guy’s neck.”

And we think agents are bloodsuckers!