Sylvester Stallone’s Sequel Creed 2 Begins Production February 2018

At the turn of the decade, filmmaker Ryan Coogler agreed to take the Rocky universe where it had not gone before. The sequel/spinoff Creed continued the incredible legacy of the boxing franchise in 2015 to build on a series that won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1976.

Despite a title in Rocky V that threatened to kill the property for good, Creed managed to push leading figure Sylvester Stallone from the central star to a supporting character. Now the veteran has found the spark again and reclaimed control, announcing that the hotly anticipated follow up Creed 2 will start production in earnest in February 2018.

Is Creed 2 Sly's Swan Song To Say Farewell?

Those who saw Rocky Balboa in Creed understand that he is far from the physical force he was during the 70s and 80s. Suffering an illness as he continued to mentor the estranged son of his former foe and eventual friend Apollo Creed, there was a hint that the character might not have long to live.

Posting on Instagram, Sly would say that he was taking on multiple roles for the sports drama, not only starring in front of the camera but also directing and producing the picture.

"Looking forward to directing and Producing The incredibly talented Michael B Jordan in CREED 2 next year ... One more Round ! #creed2 #mgm#fighting #workout #exercise #boxing."

According to My Entertainment World, a date of February 5, 2018 has been set aside for production in Philadelphia. Maybe the "one more round" comment is only in reference to his dedication to the franchise, but it might mean that this is the final installment for Stallone for good.

Coogler has expressed interest in returning in some capacity down the line and maybe a Creed 3 could be the first film that forges forward without Stallone.

Rocky-Drago Fire Reignited For Epic Face Off

Get ready for the next generation on the way !! @michaelbjordan #creed 2 #healthyfood #exercise #fitness #fighting #mgm

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Just to build the excitement and anticipation that bit more, Stallone would use his social media platform to publish an image fresh off the Rocky IV set. As he and Dolph Lundgren's Ivan Drago punched the living hell out of each other in the final act of the vintage 1985 classic, there is a great amount of interest and intrigue to see how these two will shape up against each other over 30 years later.

"Get ready for the next generation on the way!" Sly posted. "@michaelbjordan#creed 2 #healthyfood #exercise #fitness#fighting #mgm."

The box office numbers and Rotten Tomatoes ratings are one thing, but for diehard fans this Rocky vs. Drago encounter will be worth the admission price alone.

Source: MovieWeb