Seth Rogen Pranks New Yorkers With Own Death Via Billy on the Street

If you are partial to a prank and a bit of black humor, then Seth Rogen's segment with Billy Eichner this week will do just the trick. The Sausage Party and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising star took part in a skit for Tru TV's Billy on the Street. With the host telling the interviewees of the fake passing of the actor.

With the intention of giving Rogen an opportunity to see how fans would react to the news, some were shocked and some were saddened. While others had no idea who he was. Walking around New York City to shoot the "Death Rogen" installment, Eichner gave a synopsis for the rationale behind it.

"We've lost so many great artists this year who don't live long enough to see all the many profound ways that people pay tribute to them after they're gone," explained the 38-year old co-star of Neighbors 2. "Seth can experience what their reaction is while he is still around."

Mixed Results For The Stoner Comedian

Coming across a gay Australian couple who floated the idea of a threesome to a woman who was visibly shaken by the "news," Eichner's skit was clearly returning a wide variety of reactions. Saying that "Oh, my gosh – my chest is hurting," her response was in contrast to others who were puzzled by the name. "I haven't the slightest idea who that guy is."

But it was one woman at the end of the segment who said that she did not like Rogen's "stoner comedy" and that Eichner is one of her favorites. Describing Billy as "a million times" funnier, he was happy to wrap it up right there.

Rogen Not Expected Back For Green Hornet Reboot

The Green Hornet

Kicking ass and receiving plaudits for his R-rated animation feature Sausage Party as well as a few kind words for his death-that-never-was, one movie the 34-year old would prefer to forget is being rebooted - Green Hornet. With The Guardian giving a scathing review of the superhero flick, Rogen will more than likely be passed over for any position as they seek to give it a darker, grittier edge.

Paramount and Gavin O’Connor are reuniting from their work with Ben Affleck's 2016 thriller The Accountant, as they look to solidify the Britt Reid character amongst a litany of other blockbuster names. But if Billy on the Street has taught us anything, it is that if you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say it at all!

Source: Rolling Stone