The Lion King Remake Earmarks Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen

As the final stages of negotiations are underway with Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen, Jon Favreau's modern adaptation of The Lion King is closer to becoming reality. As the pre-production phase starts in earnest in Los Angeles this month, The Wrap explains that the pair have already been linked with key parts as the eccentric Eichner will voice the meerkat Timon and Rogen will play the unflattering warthog Pumbaa.

Donald Glover from Han Solo: A Star Wars Story fame is said to take on the leading role of Simba, as James Earl Jones returns some 23 years later to reprise the part of Mufasa. While pen has yet to be put to paper to ink terms, the initial agreement indicates what tone Favreau will be going for. As the semi musical live-action number comes closer to a release date.

Duo Already Have Chemistry From Street Gig

As one of many celebrities who have stood next to Eichner for his truTV series Billy on the Street, Rogen worked as a cameraman to unsuspecting New Yorkers last year. Playing up to the number of actors and artists who passed away in 2016, the skit was titled 'Death Rogen'. The stunt attempted to try to find out what impact his legacy would have and how people would want to pay tribute.

"Seth Rogen... Seth Rogen... Doesn't ring a bell," said the first interviewee. "No I really don't know him at all, I'm sorry," replied another passer by. "I'm sorry to hear that. OK. Yes. Thank you." Coming across an older gentleman, he was keen to speculate about the manner of his fake passing. "Oh yeah he was good, very very good. How old was he?... Do you know what he died from? ... I don't know probably some kind of health issue. I hope it's not drugs. You know they always drop the AIDs cause."

Seth Seeks Real Fraternity

Seth knows saturday's are for the boys #pike #makeuvmgreatagain @sethrogen @barstoolsports @barstoolu

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Expanding his horizons to help create the horror series Preacher, Rogen has now taken his fraternity chops from the movie set of Neighbors and taken it to practice. The actor and filmmaker joined the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter at the University of Vermont and in doing so, managed to raise $32,000 in aid of Alzheimer's research for his Hilarity for Charity.

Announcing that he was "Proud to be a Pike," the 35-year old underwent a secret initiation ceremony to be officially included. Now he has all the source material he requires for Neighbors 3.

Source: The Wrap, THR