Seth Rogen Pranks Grocery Shoppers for Sausage Party

If you've ever wondered just how effective "viral prank marketing" is for films, check out the latest for Sausage Party. The video already has about 5 million views across the web, but at the cost of expensive-looking animatronics. Unless of course animatronic characters controlled by a mic are cheap nowadays, but I'm thinking the opposite.

Seth Rogen Sausage Party Prank

Sausage Party Prank in a Grocery Store

Though I still find the Telekinetic Prank done for Carrie as one of the best, this one for Sausage Party ranks a close second. Seth Rogen, the biggest face behind the R-rated animated feature, introduces the prank. Unsuspecting shoppers in a grocery store are going to get the surprise of their lives when they reach near positioned, robotic produce. The idea is genius, and the execution is pretty dang strong. Considering that Sausage Party celebrates it's adult content, it makes sense that the prank is pretty risque. I'm not sure how Rogen got approval from Sony Pictures, but he seems to say whatever comes to his mind when interacting with shoppers. A lot of bleeps, for sure.

My favorite two er, characters being the freaky looking cantaloupe and the terrifying loaf of bread. The oversized sausage was also cool. But, based on its minimal appearance in the clip, we can assume that it wasn't a favorite. It did however have the best joke when discussing hipsters. Hashtag lol...