Rose McGowan: I Was Raped By A Studio Executive

Variety reports that Rose McGowan has had enough of enduring the silence of women suffering in the entertainment industry. Taking to social media where she classifies herself on her profile as an activist, artist and entrepreneur, the star of Scream and Planet Terror used her platform to lend a voice to women who are consistently abused using the hashtag #whywomendontreport.

She explained that a lawyer would use a sex scene against her in a court of law. At least, if McGowan ever decided to take the case to that level. But the most eye catching tweets came when she referenced a particular deal her former partner had with an alleged rapist.

McGowan Unleashes On Grindhouse Director Robert Rodriguez

Rose McGowan Raped by a Studio Executive

Photo by David Lachapelle

Her former partner Robert Rodriguez, who directed the Grindhouse picture Planet Terror, which starred McGowan, was given both barrels as she continued to vent her horrific experiences for the world to see. Explaining that her ex "sold our movie to my rapist for distribution," she outlined that Hollywood and the media backed her rapist while shaming her at the same time.

Clearly fed up with the whole scenario, McGowan finished off the Twitter storm with a final statement. "It is time for some goddamned honesty in this world." Providing an exclamation to an unsavory situation to say the least.

McGowan Outspoken On Rape Following Buzzfeed Interview

Rose McGowan Twitter Allegations

When the Bill Cosby scandal blew up and the media had their attention fully attached to the former television star and standup comedian, McGowan joined in. The actress interviewed with Buzzfeed, where she offered her thoughts on her personal experience on the subject.

“You are taking part of someone’s soul. It’s happened to me,” she explained to the publication. “[Sexual assault] alters the course of your life. It’s altered the course of my life.”

When she was pressed on certain offenders who are lurking behind the scenes, McGown refused to pull any punches.

“There’s a lot of people that don’t deserve to be alive — put it that way. There’s a lot of people who also get the face and body they deserve. There’s a lot of destroyers, and there’s the collusion.”