Princess Leia Believes Donald Trump Is A “Coke Head”

All that sniffing was going to make people second guess the lifestyle habits of one Donald J. Trump. And it seems like Princess Leia herself has a theory about why he suffers from this problem during his two debate performances.

NME reports that Star Wars royalty Carrie Fisher became embroiled in allegations linking the billionaire to a drug addiction when she was quizzed on Twitter about the issue.

Asked if the sniffing was due to being a "coke head" or not, Fisher replied "I'm an expert & ABSOLUTELY." The self referential nature of the response leaves few in doubt about what would have gone on in between the sets of the original Star Wars pictures in the 1970s.

Fisher A Strong and Vocal Opponent Of Trump

Carrie Fisher in The Force Awakens

Anyone who follows Carrie Fisher on Twitter @carrieffisher knows that the 59-year old is not concerned about getting political. She did help to bring down Darth Vader and the Death Star after all! Her social media timeline is now awash with commentary on the US election and it will come as no surprise that the woman from Beverly Hills, California is no fan of the Donald. Especially in light of recent controversies.

Earlier this week she compared his speeches to a hand dryer in a restroom, saying "Donald Trump is a classless thug Trying 2 scare us in2 voting 4 him-an entitled, elitist, racist misogynist-dangerous, unkind & w/o empathy." Before taking a shot at his financial history. "I think I should pay more taxes than someone less fortunate. Donald is for the rich. He'll only take care of his own."

Arguing that he is against Christian principals and stating that he lacks the diplomacy skills to be commander in chief, Fisher is as forthright as her character we've come to know and love over the decades.

Questions Remain Over Leia Role In Future Installments

Carrie Fisher in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

If Inquistr is to be believed, then we will be seeing plenty more of Leia in the next Stars Wars installment. Which will pick up right after The Force Awakens. Seeing her former lover Han Solo killed at the hands of their child Kylo Ren, Episode VIII is said to focus on Leia's efforts to battle the dark side. All while hoping to close a sad family chapter that she would like to forget.

As discussed last week, the franchise is already on the hunt to cast for a Han Solo spin off. It's unknown on whether it may or may not feature a new Carrie Fisher for the character. Either way, it is nice to know she hasn't been left behind by the series and will be back angrier than ever.