A Non-Sylvester Stallone Rambo Reboot Is In The Works

It looks like Nu Image/Millennium Films are the latest to tap into our nostalgia by rebooting the classic action film Rambo. However, the franchise will not be asking Sylvester Stallone back to the project. With their original lead now in his 70s, they hope to utilize a younger actor to explore the character's origins. Much like we've seen before.

According to THR, the next installment has a working title of Rambo: New Blood. The script will be developed by Brooks McLaren and directed by 43-year old Israeli Ariel Vromen of The Iceman and Criminal fame. Millennium are said to be looking at John Rambo as their version of James Bond, recasting and rehashing a beloved film icon to retell a story for a modern audience.

First Blood Was Before Its Time

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo First Blood

Like every other action franchise that Sylvester Stallone put his name to, whatever achievements were made to start with ended as a punchline. All because he drained all the creativity from the original before it became tacky. But like Rocky, the 1982 extravaganza that was First Blood broke the mold. With Sly co-writing a script that explored something most Americans have not seen before in an action blockbuster.

Based off the David Morrell novel, the narrative looked at a war veteran dealing with PTSD after coming back from the Vietnam War and delved deep into the mental anguish of combat. As the franchise went on with First Blood: Part II, Rambo III and the over the top violence that was the 2008 reboot of Rambo, that interesting portrayal was lost amid a wave of bullets and explosions.

With Sly Expendable, Who Could Get The Gig?

Jake Gyllenhaal in Demolition

Recasting for a long-term reboot of the action hero requires serious consideration for the role. Because once the decision is made, there is no going back. There are a plethora of quality contenders out there to give some depth to a complicated character. Such as 35-year old Jake Gyllenhaal, who has proven his ability to bulk up with Southpaw. All while providing some serious acting chops from Demolition and Nightcrawler.

But he's not the only option.

Tom Hardy understands the challenge of bringing a beloved 80s star back to life in Mad Max: Fury Road. Chris Pratt is now a superstar via Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. And let's not forget about Boyd Holbrook. The actor is equipped to carry out some vengeful justice with his work on Narcos. And he can next be seen in the final Wolverine installment, Logan.

In the end, whoever earns the prized gig has a lot more than just a string of heavy bullets riding on their shoulders.